Hamburger Ramen Stroganoff

Submitted By: Lynde Submitted From: Georgia, USA Ingredients 1 Package of ramen in mushroom flavor 1/2 to 1 cup raw hamburger, or cooked crumbled hamburger, or mince up left over roast or sandwich cut. sour cream black pepper or hot sauce Add water in pan and mix in some raw hamburger broken up well. (If … Continue reading “Hamburger Ramen Stroganoff”

Ramen Burgers

I first heard about ramen burgers a couple weeks ago and I’ll admit I was curious. Finally this week, they arrived in my town, where foodie hipsters are slowly bringing in new and interesting foods mostly via local food trucks. If you’ve not heard of this before, basically a ramen burger is a beef hamburger … Continue reading “Ramen Burgers”

Hamberger Alfredo Ramen

I’ve never had Johnny’s Salt before, but I think any mixed seasoning will do. My wife came home from Savannah, GA with some Paula Deen Silly Salt. It’s pretty good. Submitted By: Mikey Hall Submitted From: Kennewick, Washington Ingredients 1 fried cut up hamburger patty 2 packs chicken Ramen and flavor pack 1 table spoon … Continue reading “Hamberger Alfredo Ramen”

Ghetto Yee Min Ramen

Spike this one with a little vodka to keep your blood from freezing (if you live in Northern Minnesota). Submitted By: Jordan Submitted From: Northern Minnesota, USA Ingredients 4oz beef 1 package ramen vegetables (broccoli, snow peas, etc) Chinese vegetables (bok choy, Chinese broccoli, etc) oyster sauce soy sauce sugar corn starch onion Note: Recipe … Continue reading “Ghetto Yee Min Ramen”

Cobalt’s Terriyaki Beef BBQ Ramen

Submitted By: Chris Sutor Ingredients: 1 ramen (beef flavor) small quantity of ground beef (hamburger) Kikkoman Terriyaki sauce (orange bottle) BullsEye BBQ Sauce (traditional) Raw Onion (diced) ***IMPORTANT*** Do NOT break up noodle before cooking! Brown ground beef in frying pan or wok – use about the same ammount you’d put in 1-1/2 hamburger patties. … Continue reading “Cobalt’s Terriyaki Beef BBQ Ramen”